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Golden Sun 1 As Eeveelutions

Golden_Sun_1_As_Eeveelutions_by_Roy_Chibi.png Thumbnails Golden Sun Wallpaper (1680 x 1050)

Done by:
GS1 main characters as Eeveelutions. Quite obvious who is who, yeah?

I spent more time on the GS values of them than the Pokemon... XD Like Isaac's hair... merging it with Eevee's fur. And Garet's... gawd it was so hard. ;P

Golden Sun (c) Camelot
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

...I might do GS2 charry's... but that just depends. PHEAR MAH BACKGROUND SKILLZ.

...any of you think this will go well with the Golden Sun club? o.o

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    Very nice. 2 of my favorite games. though I would have put Garet as Flareon, and Mia Vaporeon.
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