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Golden Sun Girls by fl00fy

Golden_Sun_Girls_by_fl00fy.jpg Golden Sun: The Lost Age GroupThumbnailsSailorConsoles  Golden Sun Set by imacrazytrekkie

Done by:
Golden Sun girls. Jenna (Fire Adept), Mia (Water Adept) and Sheba (Wind Adept).

Sheba's got a pantie shot! Damn these short skirts ...

Yeah, saw the base and though "huuum that's a nice base", but then in the decscription it has something about them being Fire, Water and Earth, and I instantly thought of golden sun. You know, with earth replaced by wind.

I love Jenna in this piccy! She's so cute. Don't like mia though. It's really hard to make her look nice at that angle >___> And there's something wrong with her hair too ... I can't quite work it out though D=

Jenna, Mia and Sheba (c) Camelot
Base by lunar-hibiki

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1 comment

  • Hoshi - Monday 5 April 2010 10:38
    Ohh! Nice! Good to see another Golden Sun lover out there!