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Golden Sun Clay DJINN by MacX5

Golden_Sun_Clay_DJINN_by_MacX5.jpg ThumbnailsGolden Sun: Karis

Done by:
These four creatures are the Djinn from the Golden Sun series. They are (from left to right) Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water (no Captain Planet jokes plz...)

All are made with Aluminum foil on the inside and Sculpey 3 colored clay on the outside. Eyes have glaze and the Water one has permanent marker paint for the tail.

Fire completed 6/4/09 @1230 noon and is 3 inches
Earth completed 6/4/09 @ 930am and is 2.5 inches
Water completed 6/5/09 @ 10am and is 2.75 inches
Wind completed 6/5/09 @ 1230 noon and is 2.75 inches