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10th Golden Sun Aniversary Mercury

10th_golden_sun_aniversary_mercury.jpg Dark Dawn ThumbnailsDark Dawn: Mercury

Krolina: I could had uploaded this earlier if a cat wouldn't be playing all day ... well, finally! Here is the latest drawing dedicated to 10th anniversary of these great games!
The element of water (my favorite XD) ... Mercury! yey! This particular Element is very useful to raise the status and recovery, but also has great offensive and defensive * w *

- Piers .... oh god ... if you did not see he coming is amazing XDD haha, ok, Piers is incredible, balanced even if he has low agility and is always enemy target but has enough defense and amazing powerful attacks, I love all the water adepts , but piers * ¬ * akjdksjdkaj .... I DEMAND TO KNOW HOW OLD IS HEEEEE!!!!!! > A <

- For djinn, claw: looks like a miniature bull XD its ability is to attack and lower the resistance, then is spring he can recover HP ... is too cute! and have a tail
-plant * w * and finally Geyser, I love the design ... it's like a zora to me haha XDD, he attacks the enemy with a torrent of water

Well, I hope you like them all, and for those who did, I will keep doing drawings of GS ^w^. Many thanks for all the support, favs and comments! = 3
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