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ss ivan s power by kuraya

ss__ivan__s_power_by_kuraya.jpg Red, Yellow, BlueThumbnailsteam mercury victory by zom of the favorite characters was Ivan and he is also one of my fav so the choice was selected really fast, also, Kolima (both the forest and village) are one of my favs so I decided It will be there as the background.
I remembered that a djinn of Venus is caught in Kolima Village so the basic Idea was like a "show of power" to the djinn to join (I know that the djinn joins with out it, but it pictured well in my head I don't know why, deal with it XD)

Anyway! Very late Christmas for you and I really hope you like my gift ;w;

Done on SAI
Effects on Photoshop CS6

Ivan, Djinn Jupiter and Djinn Venus (C) Camelot
Drawing (C) KurayamiAya