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Matt Golden Sun by cmizer

Matt__Golden_Sun_by_cmizer.jpg Swirling ElementsThumbnailsGolden Sun: Mercury Djinn

Was drawn by cmizer on deviantart.

I call him Matt, son of Mia and Garet. Its for a contest and i dont wanna do a bg so he will float in negative space. Im not too sure if i like how he came out though...may do another one.

His name is Matt, his parents are Mia and Garet from the video game Golden Sun. He is about 18 years old and like his father, he has a goofy personality but can be stuck up at times. Being the child of a Mars adept and Mercury adept he has taken after his mother in the fact that he is more comfortable practicing the water element *note his mercury djinn on his shoulder*. He is ofcourse proud of the fact that his parents helped saved the world from the abused power of alchemy and tends to remind his peers about this fact.
He looks this because he is the child of Mia and Garet :P.He has simliar features to both his mom and dad especially in the clothes lol :P, he has his mom`s hair color and his dad`s hair texture *damn spikey gravity defying texture i wish i had* Even his name, Matt is a combination of Mia and Garet.

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  • ZerikMiz - Monday 5 July 2010 02:20
    There is a Matthew but he's Isaac and Garet's son lol I'm so Awesome