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Water D Jinni Serac by MrTiddleywinks

Water_D__Jinni_Serac_by_MrTiddleywinks.jpg summerThumbnailsGolden Sun Djinns by ElBiggy

Done by:
Plz comment! =^-^= I enjoy reading what people think and any pointers you may have!! :D

So I decided to do some fan art of one of the water D'jinni's off of Golden Sun ^____^ such an awesome game :heart:
I LURVE it!!!
If you haven't played it yet go now!...unless you don't like puzzle RPG games... if you don't t'is sooo sad for you :P

So this little guy is Serac, not that it matters all the water D'Jinn all look the same in the game, but this little one will deliver a chiller ice attack to foes =^____^= ♥

I tried to make him a little more real than the one in the GBA game. So I gave him semi real feat and a more crab-like claw tipped tail. And his tail also doubles as a tentacle thing..? lol I thought since they don't have arms he needs some sort of way to pick things up :P lol so it is very prehensile and it even has little suckers >_< lol It also changes length so it can reach foes at a fare distance and get them with his little crabbie claw :heart: :D

soooo hope you guys like it :D

Here is a [link] if you want to check out what he normally looks like =^-^=
I think I may have made him a little too fat...:XD:
Drawn and painted in Photoshop CS4

Water D'Jinni Serac is copyrighted to Camelot and Nintendo

Drawing by me =^-^=

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