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golden sun summons by chihoriko

golden_sun_summons_by_chihoriko.jpg GS - Naww, how cute by Kamikaze-KaitoThumbnailsGolden Sun Party by Isaaclives1

Done by:
Pfew finally finished!
another golden sun fanart. whee~
took me quite some time to complete this.... (most times my pc failed me and i had not saved in photshop -> lots of work for naught. *sniff*)

left to right:
1# row: Jupiter Djinn, Charon, Venus Djinn
2# row: Flora, Megaera
3# row: Atalanta, Procne, Thor, Catastrophe surrounded by Azul, Judgement, Cybele, Ramses
4# row: Eclipse
5# row: Coatlicue, Neptune, Boreas, Meteor, Haures, Daedalus
6# row: Moloch, Nereid, Ulysses, Tiamant, Kirin, Zagan
7# row: Mercur Djinn, Iris, Venus Djinn

So mhm.......Kirin and Zagan look most creepiest. X_X
and Meteor is strange too xD;;;
and Flora and Megaere failed too... and they hide Charon eyes. oh no! xD;
Azuls tail somehow does not fit into the picture but oh well...

Am proud of how the Djinns turned out to be ^^
aftere a while i even got to like the venus djinn with his ear-like-things down. hihi~

i did not felt like putting effort into the background so it looks quite messy ;P

enjoy ♪~♫

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