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December 9, 2009

Over World

Kraden's HutThumbnail of Vale
The village of Vale is located just below Sol Sanctum (Mt. Adept) and is the home of several adepts.
Items Found Shop Items Djinn/Other
Antidote Antidote
Nut Nut
Herb Herb x3
Elixir Elixir
Vial Vial
Power Bread Power Bread
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb
Coin 1 Coin
Coin 3 Coins
Coin 5 Coins
Coin 6 Coins
Coin 123 Coins
Antidote Antidote
Herb Herb
Long Sword Long Sword
Mace Mace
Short Sword Short Sword
Wooden Stick Wooden Stick
Cotton Shirt Cotton Shirt
Leather Cap Leather Cap
One-Piece Dress
Padded Gloves Padded Gloves
Travel Vest Travel Vest
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield
Jupiter Kite (Requires the psyenergy: Lift)
Halt Gem Halt Gem (In Vale Cave)
Catch Beads Catch Beads (Leaving the village)

Sol Sanctum
Maps will be added later.
Sol Sanctum is the place where the elemental stars are hidden.
Items Found Monsters Djinn/Other
Small Jewel Small Jewel x2
Mythril Bag Mythril Bag
Venus Star Venus Elemental Star
Mars Star Mars Elemental Star
Jupiter Star Jupiter Elemental Star
Mercury Star Mercury Elemental Star
Wild Mushroom

More maps will be added over time.

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