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Main Characters
Felix Age: 18
Venus Adept

Felix, the hero of Golden Sun - The Lost Age, was born and raised in the village of Vale. Three years ago, a massive storm struck Vale, knocking a huge boulder from Mt. Aleph's peak and triggering a flood. Felix was thought lost when he was washed downriver. However, Saturos and Menardi saved him, and helped them to light the Venus and Mercury lighthouses. But how has he spent these past three years? What kind of mission has he been burdebed with?

Jenna Age: 17
Mars Adept

Jenna is Felix's sister and a childhood friend to both Isaac and Garet, the heros of Golden Sun. Saturos and Merardi kidnapped her and the scholar Kraden, and the two of them are now being held hostage. She adores her brother and bravely travels with him, yet she still feels a deep-seated compassion to her friends Isaac and Garet, who fought her brother's actions at every turn.

Sheba Age: 14
Jupiter Adept

One, in a small town called Lavivero in the northern part of the Condowan continent, a young girl with a peculiar destiny fell from the skies. Faran, the leader of Lalivero raised her as his own daughter, but she knows that she is bound by a divine destiny. However, Saturos and Menardi have captured her and unknowingly triggered events that will shock the world. Just how far does Sheba's ability to predict the future allows her to see?

Piers Age: ???
Mercury Adept

Piers is a young man shrouded in mystery. When Felix accepts Piers as an ally, Felix learns anew the importance of his mission.

Side Characters
More Characters will be added over time.

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