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All song files are MP3.

For use on a website do not directly link here cause of the bandwidth usage. Please upload the selected song onto your own website. Also a little link to here or thank you message would be appreciated.

Every file in Golden Sun and Golden Sun - The Lost Age has prefect looping except peaceful...which will be edited soon. More music will be uploaded soon!

Disclaimer: The songs belong to their authors. The Golden Sun Songs are made by Comelot.

Mercury Statue Music Player
Mercury Star Golden Sun
Sol Sanctun
World Map (Bibibin Cave & Silk Road)
Jupiter Adepts - Ivan and Hama
Villages' Sanctun (Healers)
Bibibin (also this music was in Imil and Kolima)
Mercury Lighthouse
Lighthouse Aerie
Kolima Forest
Tret (Also Altin)
Villain Theme
Saturos (Satty) Battle
Interesting (when we give Tret the water)
Happy Town
Fuchin Temple
Lamakan desert

Mercury Star Golden Sun - The Lost Age

Kandorean Temple
Temple's cave
Dehkan Plateau

Mercury Statue Star Ocean - The Second Story Music

Comeon Bunny
Mercury Statue Total War Series

Forever - Rome Total War
Barbarian Victory - Rome Total War
Roman Victory - Rome Total War
Eastern Europen - Medieval 2 Total War
Mercury Statue Other

Caramell (Caramelldansen)

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